With decades of experience in the travel and tourism industry, Mr.Ahmed Bin Saleh started the company named "DELTA TRAVEL,TOURISM & CARGO AGENCY" in the year 2004 and with his utmost hardwork and dedication to work made the travel agency to be accounted in one of the top agencies in the city of ajman.


The staff of this agency is energizing,enthusiastic and dynamic with vast experience in the travel & tourism industry.

Mr.Mohammed Fasi Uddin,who is in charge of the supervisor of the travel and tours department is handling the department since the year 2004.He has gained tremendous experience and is expert in making the tailor made packages as per the customer requirements.

Mr.Nurul Hassan Tanveer,who is in charge of the marketing and sales department also deals with the Haj and Umrah packages.

Mr. Hussain Bin Saleh, who is in charge of tour-operator and travel specialist have been consistently giving his service to the tourism packages department since 2004. He has excellent interpersonal and communication skills,keen knowledge of key holiday destinations and had always been oriented towards customer's satisfaction irrespective of the time of service may it be either working or non-working hours. He exercises contracting power with suppliers (airlines, hotels, other land arrangements, cruise companies and so on) and influence over other entities (tourism boards and other government authorities) in order to create packages and special group departures for destinations.


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We will be celebrating 12 years of excellence in our service in this year 2016.

As a managing director of a travel and tour company I have a lot of work to do in a given day. This is a taxing business. It requires me to be always on the move, getting in touch with many offices and officials to get things straight so my clients will be satisfied. Yet I never have the least regret at going into it. I am proud of what I do because it is one of the few jobs that opens one up to people of all walks of life. Through this job I meet people from this country and elsewhere whom I would not otherwise have had the chance to know. I often attend seminars and lectures organised by the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourist Board.

In our decade of service I and my staff always had a good interaction with our customers and we do try our level best to bring the utmost satisfaction to our customers by delivering out our best service. We have been maintaining a good tie-up with the airlines for which we have been awarded several times.

I find the travel and tour business challenging. I would recommend it to any interested person who has such qualities as high motivation, love of meeting people, abundant stamina for moving to places that are not air-conditioned, and willingness to confront the problems that are part of the service industry.

Judging from the countless excellent recommendations about our services to tour groups, I must say that although my staff and I work under very tight conditions, competing shoulder to shoulder with other, better-equipped tour agencies, our services are second to none. We have achieved a high standard of service. We now have to maintain that standard so we will not be over-shadowed by the latter-day entrants into the business. I have trained my office staff to handle clients with care. We seldom hear of people complaining outside about our dealings with them.

My relationships with my staff are excellent. All of them feel free to approach me with their problems, be it social or financial. I never turn my back on their problems. I try to make them feel happy so that they can put their best into this business and to facilitate its growth.

Thank you for visiting our website. Hope you like our service and visit again.


Ahmed Bin Saleh,
Founder & managing director, Delta travels and tours.

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