Welcome to India. A country where history, culture, colors, cuisine and nature exhibitmore diversity than nearly anywhere else in the world. A country of amazing paradoxes,where bullock carts and jets co-exist in perfect harmony. Modern India is a shiningexample of robust economic growth in a democratic setti

The only way to begin to understand Asia’s and India’s influence in the global economy is to visit the region, meet its corporate executives and business leaders, educational institutions and experience.

its educational approach, long history and rich culture first-hand. Gulf students will gain international

experience in India and develop an appreciation of the cultural dimensions of doingbusiness in India. Study tour of India may also enable students to know Indian education system.

The Delta tours is prepared to partner with the Gulf universities/colleges/schools/institutions in the creation of custom designed India study tour programs that promote global awareness and understanding. The goal is to support administrators and faculty in the complex task of developing, operating, and managing faculty-led study tours of India.

Delta tours provides the Gulf entities with comprehensive program management that includes: program development assistance, tour itinerary, logistical arrangements, transportation in India, academic coordination in India, and on-site management in India. A representative of Delta tours will accompany the group and faculty

The duration of the study tour is flexible. The size of the tour may be 20 to 30 participants. The tour will cover major cities of India such as New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad,Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and other cities. Students will have the opportunity to visit key educational centers corporate offices, industrial parks, and historic sites, in addition to meeting with leading academicians and entrepreneurs. The study tour of India will expose participants to the global technology,cultural and business environment, so that they can see first-hand how fastgrowing economies in developing countries provide opportunities for international businesses.

The tour covers the following

  • Visits to key institutions, corporate offices, industrial/technology parks, and historic sites.

  • One-on-one meetings with leading academicians and entrepreneurs.

  • Visits to places of cultural interest for experiencing rich Indian culture.

  • An experienced tour leader for guiding the participants.

  • Air travel within India to various cities.

  • Accommodations at first class hotels on twin sharing basis.

  • Visa Assistance and government approvals

  • Ground transportation in the Indian subcontinent.